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Many individuals lose a tooth or two over the course of their life. It may due to an accident or gum disease. Regardless of the causes, the main concern is how to replace the missing teeth. There are many different options to achieve the goal. The best course of action would be to see your cosmetic dentist for a proper evaluation and consultation. This could easily be accomplished by calling Dr. Shayan Ghodsi for dentures Royal Palm Beach, FL.

These are some of the options available:


Dental Implant

To start, if you are looking for a fixed type of restoration, dental implants are a great choice. They are made of titanium that resembles a small wide screw that is anchored in the bone and then the crown will get attached to it. In addition, dental implants are the best available option as it feels just like a natural tooth when you chew on it. The crown can be as realistic as your natural tooth. Call us at Lakeview Dental in Royal Palm Beach for a consultation with Dr. Shayan Ghodsi to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.



Dental Bridge

Next, we have dental bridges. A bridge consists of at least 3 crowns that are attached together. It rests on 2 natural teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth. It is also a fixed restoration. Sometimes it is a better option vs. dental implant. So, you would need a consult with Dr. Shayan Ghodsi in Royal Palm Beach, FL to make that final determination. We can discuss the pros and cons to dental bridges during your consultation appointment.



Dental Removable Partial Denture

We also have removable partial dentures. As the name implies, it is a removable appliance. We add missing teeth to a metal frame. Aesthetics could be great if there is a matching shade to blend in with your natural teeth. There are not custom tooth shades, unlike implants and bridges. Partials are great alternatives if you are not a good candidate for implants.





Leave the Gaps Alone

Most people are OK with a small gap as long as it is hidden in the back of the mouth. However, most do not realize that teeth have a tendency, but not always, to drift. Nevertheless, this will cause teeth to misalign and create an uneven bite. In some cases, it could lead to gum disease.




Dentures Royal Palm Beach


Talk to your cosmetic dentist at Lakeview Dental in Royal Palm Beach so you could make an informed decision whether you could leave the gaps alone.

You can reach us in Royal Palm Beach, FL at 561-898-1010 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shayan Ghodsi.







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