Post 30 – Teeth Whitening

My teeth are yellow.

Smoking has a tendency to yellow the teeth caused by the tar in cigarettes. It can leave deep stains that are difficult to remove. Drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and soda can also discolor teeth.  Teeth polishing during your hygiene appointment is a simple and effective way to remove stains from flat surfaces of your teeth.  Stains in the deep grooves of your teeth, such as the chewing surfaces can only be removed with a prophy jet. It is a fine and yet powerful mist of air and special powder that blasts the stains away. The process could be a bit messy which is one reason many offices do not carry the unit.


Is teeth whitening costly?

Many patients do get confused as to why whitening packages have such huge cost variance. Some offices offer free whitening. Some offer a $99 package and others charge $500 for what seems to be the same $99 offer. After all, are not all whitening gels created equal? Do they not share the same active ingredient? To keep it simple, let’s just say that the cost of a whitening package comes down to material cost, tray fabrication technique, and office time.

The whitening materials can vary greatly in cost. If you plan to purchase gels online, you surely could find many cheap gels out there but you have no information such as: are they counterfeit?; how old are they?; and how they have been stored? Whitening gels are a chemical and improper storage will adversely affect the chemical quality.  Ideally, you would want to purchase a known brand directly from the manufacturer that has a good track record. This way you get legit materials that are fresh, providing you maximum efficiency. And—yes; you should expect to pay more.

Another reason for higher cost comes from accuracy of the trays. But why do you need an accurate fitting tray? Because the saliva contains a chemical that will instantly deactivate the key ingredient of the whitening agent upon contact. A leaky tray will greatly lower the effectiveness of your whitening. This is the main reason why you would want a very well fitted tray. If you have old trays, most likely they are leaking. You will only waste money on gels and get very little result.  In order to get a well fitted tray you need an accurate impression material, and you need to pay attention to minute details while fabricating the trays.

All of this would be pointless if your dentist does not spend time to verify the fit of your final trays. Remember the importance of keeping the saliva away from the whitening gel. Only a close examination by your dentist can verify the fit. If you are just handed a set of trays without a fitting exam, chances are very little attention was given to the fabrication process. Never assume that a free or $10 whitening tray will be of the same quality as a $250 tray. Chances are it will not be.

At our office, we offer two brand name whitening gels. Both companies are very reputable. Agents are purchased directly from the manufacturers as needed, in order to maximize the freshness and effectiveness. Although the cost of whitening gels from both systems is similar, each requires different tray fabrication technique and material use which does impact the overall cost. Our goal is to offer a whitening process to meet every budget. We offer 7 different whitening packages from low to high cost to satisfy the need of any patient. You select what works best for your budget and we will take care of the rest.

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