Post #38 – Oral Health Issues Associated with Smoking

Oral Health Issues Associated with Smoking

Although most of our patients see us every six months for a checkup appointment, there are still a few who unfortunately compromise their good dental habits through smoking. Fewer people smoke these days probably due to the higher cost of cigarettes but some people do still find it difficult to break the habit and stop smoking. This is very unfortunate as smoking harms your oral health.

Smoker’s Breath

You sure have encountered someone with smoker’s breath. This is the antisocial aspects of smoking. Bad breath can be offensive, thus, leading some people to avoid talking to you. It is not just the smell of your breath but also the clothes and the halitosis that is caused by gum disease as a result of long-term smoking.

Smoking causes dry mouth and it also alters the healing capability of your gums, thus, eventually leading to gum disease. Not every smoker develops gum disease but they sure are more prone than nonsmokers. Keep in mind that you need healthy gums to support teeth.

Teeth Staining

The tar in the cigarettes stains your teeth. It is easy to spot a long term smoker by looking at their teeth.

Oral cancer

Besides bad breath and gum disease, oral cancer is a major concern. Oral cancers usually go unnoticed, they are painless at early stages but are said to be the most painful experiences at late stages. It has been reported individuals committing suicide because the pain was unbearable.

There are a number of indicators of oral cancers which dentists look for each time you receive an oral examination. Some examples would be white or red patches on the tongue, lumps, ulcers, or raised irregular patches. Oral Cancers are not the most common form of cancer but they are fatal if not detected and treated early on, which is another good reason for regular dental exams.

Whether you smoke or not, regular dental exams are crucial to maintain your pearly whites. Call us at Lakeview Dental in Royal Palm Beach to schedule an appointment.