Post #37 – What causes snoring? Can it be treated?

What causes snoring? Can it be treated?

About 20-30% of women snore regularly and the same could be said for about 40-50% of men. Many snorers are familiar with complaints from their family. It interferes with the sleep pattern of the entire family. It is interesting that the snorer does not wake up when everyone else in the household cannot sleep.

So what actually causes snoring? Snoring occurs when the soft tissue in the back of the mouth collapses. The tongue moves slightly toward the back of the mouth and, as a result, the airway passage becomes slightly restricted. This creates vibrations—the snoring sound—which are perceived as an annoying sound that wakes up everyone. Snoring can also be caused by large tonsils, uvula, shape of the mouth, excessive fatty tissue, and deviated nasal septum. The tendency to snore increases as a person ages.

If snoring becomes more severe, it will be called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is basically a more severe case of snoring where the tissues relax too much; thus, leading to significant airflow restriction. Sometimes the airflow stops completely. As a result, you cannot sleep very well and you feel sleep deprived upon awakening. Fortunately, snoring could be fully eliminated or reduced using a snore dental appliance. There are many different types of these appliances on the market. Some are even designed to function as a night guard as well.

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